martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Memories at my high school

My school was too big and the best thing was that i was a friend of the watchman, so it was very easy to get away from classes, and go for a swim in the river at any one known pot nearby

The memories of my childhood.

Once I was with my brother and cousin in my house, and I was showing my guitar to my cousin because I was taking classes or music and i had an aquarium in my room, so everybody were looking at it and we realize that there were a dead fish in the water. We decided to play fish ball with my new guitar as a bat and the dead fish, then my cousin was playing with the guitar and he had a wonderful idea, he hit me in the head with the guitar and it get broken. That evening my mom was going to kill me with the guitar’s rest.

My Dreams

My dreams are rare indeed almost never remember them completely and that's what makes them funny and occasionally traumatic.